Saturday, October 1, 2011

Four weeks have gone by in a flash

The lack of interesting stories that I have from this week is, I think, a sign that I have settled in here and started to fall into a routine. We’ve gotten to that point where the “study” part of “study abroad” starts to kick in, so I have to buckle down and start to earn my poli sci degree. Still, life here is awesome. Highlights of last week included:
- Going to “The Tempest” (eh, okay but I can’t wait to see it with Ralph Finnes) and “The Kitchen” (awesome).
- Having a Mars Bars milkshake.
- Getting from bed to the train in 30 minutes exactly (I overslept my alarm for the first time ever, whomp whomp).
- Going to Harrods and Hamley’s. Harrods is sort of like a giant, posh Nordstrom. I got to touch a Valentino scarf and Marchesa gowns (I could finally put my obsession to use by recognizing all the brands), and I realized that I would be so much better dressed if I was wealthy. Although in all honesty, I would probably just wear nicer v-necks.

Hamley’s is a huge toy store, basically the toy store from “Home Alone 2.” Too bad there were no robber traps.

- Seeing the London Eye in this light...

...and not being able to go on it because I was going to the Royal Ballet! I saw them perform Balanchine’s “Jewels,” part of which I saw OBT perform years ago.

My seats were literally in the nosebleeds, and, standing, I could see ¾ of the stage but it was an amazing ballet performed by absolutely stunning dancers. It’s no wonder the Royal Ballet is one of the best companies in the world.
- Skyping with Erika :)
- Going to Portobello Market and listening to a Mumford and Sons-esque local band play a cover of “Lovin’s for Fools.”
It’s 80 degrees F here, which is a September/October record for London. It’s like Portland in that no one is really sure how to deal with hot weather. More opportunities for milkshakes, I say. xo

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