In the summer after my freshman year of high school my father was on sabbatical and my family spent three weeks in Europe on the tab of the Lilly Endowment. 
It was magical.
Our first stop was London and I, fourteen years old and ignoring jet lag, was smitten from my first view of the city. I promised myself that I would study abroad in London as a college student, and here is my chance.
I’m spending my junior year of college taking a break from the Honors College at the University of Oregon and instead learning how to be a European. I’ll spend my fall semester in London, England, and my spring semester in Geneva, Switzerland. I am so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity and I plan to make the most of every minute.
I can’t wait. Let’s go.

[I'm back! Here's a little video that we made with Study Abroad Programs: I doubt that I'll finish writing about my time in Geneva, but I have likely already told anyone reading this all about it, so we'll let those stories live on in the grand oral storytelling tradition.]

then - Paris

now - London

now - (outside) Geneva

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