Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thanksgiving Special Edition

This is almost practically verbatim from my journal, but it sums up the wonderful Thanksgiving celebration we had yesterday rather nicely so I’ll share it.
“This was such a great day! I am actually writing this on my computer on the day of just because I need to have my journal in chronological order, obvs, but I want to get today down [ed - embarrassing, yes, but real life]. It’s Thanksgiving and no offense family, but this was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever.
I slept in, having gotten the day off from my internship when Caitlin and I thought we were going to go to Ireland. So I woke up and curled up in bed with breakfast to watch the Psych episode I’d loaded the night before, and basically just chilled until it was time to head down to AHA. Mary and Martin and Maggie put on a Thanksgiving meal for us and it was delicious. Different, but still good. I had a glass of white wine, poured by Keith my London Bio prof, and a mimosa. I also ate quite a few of the desserts that everyone made - they were delicious.
We all sat in a circle around the upstairs classroom and wrote what we were thankful for on the whiteboard and made construction paper turkeys and talked and sang along and then people started singing as performances. Rodrigo sang Adele’s Someone Like You and we all almost cried. And Claire sang Ingrid Michaelson’s The Way I Am with Tara playing guitar and Tara sang one of her talented. And an improv group from the theatre class did something and it was so so funny. It was great to just hang out with everyone - the profs and admins left and so it was really just us, chillin.


It’s Jordyn’s birthday so we sang to her and after a few hours she and her mom and Tara and Caitlin and I and Nicole tried to sneak out to go to Primrose but it’s hard to leave without people noticing and wanting to tag along and I was delayed because I was guilted into helping clean even though I really should have offered. But I had Earl Grey tea and an Earl Grey cupcake at Primrose and it was goooood.
Then Caitlin and Nicole and I walked to and through the Christmas market/village on the south bank and then through St. James’ Park and to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland which had the same market as on the river but bigger and with carnival rides and an ice rink. And then we came home. 

It was a wonderful day with some really wonderful people. I loved being able to hang out with everyone at once, which happens all too rarely. I am so thankful that I am here and for everyone that makes it possible, from my family and friends who support me back home to the friends that I have here.” xo

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